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Empowering People with Special Needs

About Us

Techraq is the leading supplier of assistive products and services for persons with disabilities

Starting as a small business in Doha, we have big dreams. Our passion for accessibility, inclusion and equality, means that we provide our customers with nothing but the highest quality, latest technology assistive products, that are guaranteed to meet the needs of persons with disabilities and keep them satisfied!

Our Exclusive business partner is Topland LLC from the UAE.

What We Do

Supplying Assistive Technology Products

We supply industry leading assistive technology products for Hearing and Visual Impairment, Restricted Mobility and Special Needs Education.


We conduct site inspections and analyse various application scenarios along with the suppliers’ expert teams to propose best possible solution.


We offer door-to-door delivery and installation within the Qatar of all our products: from easy assembled  floating beach wheelchairs to highly technical hearing induction loop systems.


We offer maintenance contracts and extended warranty on some of our assistive technology products.

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