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Restricted Mobility 

Mobi-mat: Accessible Beach Matting

  • Mobi-mat is a lightweight and durable 100% polyester roll out matting system specifically developed to create a permanent or temporary route for individuals of all abilities (pedestrians and wheelchair users).

  • It is quick to install and remove. It enables you to easily create a safe and comfortable pathway, visible to all. It is available in several widths and lengths, and you can easily connect mats together. It requires low maintenance and doesn’t retain sand within its surface.

  • Accessible Beach Mat has been manufactured with recycled polyester fibers and this beach matting is also recyclable, so it reduces the impact on environment.

  • Accessible Beach Matting is available in golden and blue colors. Visually attractive, the blue color provides a highly visible surface, delineating the route particularly for people with visual impairments. It is also offered in golden color, which blends effortlessly into the sandy landscape.

  • Mobi-mat provides the safest edges, which do not require secondary finishing. This highly reduces the risk of injury to bare feet or cutting your hands when installing or removing the mat. Accessible Beach Matting is manufactured with non-woven polyester material & it will not exhibit the wear and tear.

  • Its cool surface lends to the barefoot users’ comfort, especially on those hot, sunny days! UV and weather resistant : -104°F (-40°C) / +176°F (+80°C).

Tiralo 2 – Floating Beach Wheelchair

  • An amphibious chair: The Tiralo 2 is a beach chair designed for people with reduced mobility. It rides on the beach or floats on the water, and goes from one to the other without requiring any transformation. It moves smoothly on any type of surface, sand or pebbles, and carries an assisted passenger to the beach, where he or she can have a ride or swim in calm water.

  • Simple and practical: The Tiralo 2 is particularly easy to manoeuvre. A single person can manoeuvre its articulated fork and pull the Tiralo 2 down an access ramp, to the beach and all the way to the sea. The low pressure wheels serve as shock absorbers. Its new design and ergonomics make for extended use and unparalleled comfort. The users can easily transfer to fully reclining one-piece float.

  • Reliable and safe: The Tiralo 2 can be used by individuals weighing up to 130 kg. When bathing, the users must be assisted at all times by an able-bodied person who will make sure that safety instructions are followed. It is best to float in calm waters and remain in supervised swimming areas. Wearing a life jacket is recommended.

  • Ingenious and robust: Invented and manufactured by people of determination for people of determination, the Tiralo 2 is particularly resistant:

         •Its aluminum frame does not rust

         •Its float has roto-moulded plastic armrests

         •Its low pressure wheels with no bearings do not seize up

  • No maintenance is needed. After each use, simply hose down with water and it’s ready to go again!

Product Features:
  • Total Width: 107 cm, Seat width: 50 cm

  • Seat Height: 45 cm

  • Seat Back: 90 cm

  • Total length with tow bar folded out: 220 cm

  • Weight 31 kg

  • Maximum load 130 kg

  • Minimum load 25 kg

Evacuation Solutions

Evacuation Chairs for Stair Travel:  EVEREST evacuation chairs are motorized electric chairs that allow one person with minimal effort to safely and easily evacuate a person with restricted mobility to move up and down the stairs in the event of an emergency or when elevators cannot be used.

FALCON and ROBIN evacuation chairs are perfect solution for the evacuation of people with restricted mobility up or down the stairs. It allows one person to safely and easily evacuate a person downstairs in the event of an emergency or when elevators cannot be used.

Evacuation chairs must be placed on each floor staircase.

Hotel Room Accessibility Kit

  • Cost effective solution for increasing accessibility in any room without disruption of permanent installation

  • This Hotel Accessibility Kit contains equipment to make a room much easer to use. The equipment can be easily packed away after the stay, ready for the next guest

  • The Hotel Accessibility Kit contains:

  • Suction Grab Rail: fitted in seconds to provide support in the shower or in the bath

  • Bath Step: Adjustable Height Step to make getting into the bath easier

  • Bath Board: A Bathing Aid for those who have difficulty in getting in and out of the bath

  • Bath Seat: Lightweight Bath Seat with four suckers to securely fix to the bath

  • Raised Toilet Seat: makes rising and lowering easier for those with stiff or painful joints

  • Furniture Raisers (SureGrip): raise the bed safely for more comfortable stay

  • •Made in the UK and supplied globally to well know hotel chains such as Hilton

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Lift Seat - Powered Toilet Seats

The Home Lift Seat lowers disabled people onto the toilet and raises them back up again to their feet, doing so under power with a smooth action and utilizing a “sit-to-stand” motion. This motion is recognized as the most efficient way of getting to one’s feet as it allows the application of the body’s major muscle groups in the correct order. It mimics the rise motion of most “rise and recline” armchairs so is a familiar movement for many people. It therefore allows people to toilet independently or with reduced care while at the same time minimizing the risk of a fall or getting stuck.


  • Lowers you under power from a standing position until you are over the toilet

  • Raises you back up under power from a sitting position

  • Utilises an anatomically correct “sit-to-stand” motion

  • Use over your own toilet with no works required

  • Proper oval shaped opening allowing for easy toileting

  • Quick and easy to set up

  • Safely use the toilet on your own or with reduced care

  • Reduce the risk of falls and associated injuries, and reduce the chances of being unable to get off the toilet

  • Can also be used as a commode

  • Use over shower toilets such as Geberit and Clos-o-Mat, and is also compatible with Bio Bidet

  • Lift Seat Home safe working load is 146 kg

  • Lift Seat Bariatric model SWL is 203 kg

The Lift Seat Vertica

The Lift Seat Vertica rises vertically upwards with no tilt at any point in its movement. It will slowly and smoothly lower you, under power, to a sitting position over your toilet to enable you to toilet independently, and then raise you back up to your feet. The vertical movement and high rise means people who need to lock their knees before standing, can do so.


  • Lowers you from a standing position until you are over the toilet

  • Raises you back up from a sitting position

  • Utilises a true vertical rise motion with no tilt

  • Use over your own toilet with no works required

  • Quick and easy to set up

  • Safely use the toilet on your own or with reduced care

  • Reduce the risk of falls and associated injuries

  • The Vertica safe working load is 203kg

Self-Service Wheelchair Charging Stations

Self-Service Wheelchair Charging Stations are to make the maximum contribution in improving of lives of orthopedic disabled people to have more independence, freedom and ability to socialize.

Modern, stylish city furniture design; Reliable charging upto 3 times faster; Embodies programmable Smart Charging Kit; Wheelchair Charging Stations are equipped with Amphenol charge connector, resistant to deformation.

Different models are available with Mono or Dual screen options.

Benefits of Self-Service Wheelchair Charging Stations:

7/24 uninterrupted, free, self-service, municipality service

  • Enhancing the trust of people of determination in the municipality by eliminating the worry of “I will be stranded if the battery runs down”

  • Informing and raising awareness about social responsibility

  • Technological, stylish, illuminated, industrial design city furniture

  • Functional charge kit suitable for each brand power wheelchair

  • Remotely manageable, technological infrastructure for municipal announcements

  • Sealed, steel housing suitable for outdoor us

  • The system is grounded and completely secure

  • Online update of software, remotely manageable system

SeeUs for More Efficient and Accessible Public Transport

It happens again and again that buses do not stop at the bus stop, be it because of location, heavy fog, rain or other reasons. With SeeUs, Swiss Innovation Lab helps you to avoid leaving any waiting passengers behind. With its integrated LED lights and wireless communication, SeeUs informs approaching buses of passengers waiting as well as if boarding support is required thus increasing driver awareness and accessibility.

SeeUs Central Unit
SeeUs Push Button
  • SeeUs has been designed to increase driver awareness and make public transport more efficient and accessible.

  • The system consists of the Master and LED Unit, the Push Button and the optional Vehicle Unit.

  • The Push Button activates the LED Unit which informs approaching buses of the stop request. In addition to the optically flashing LEDs, the device can also exchange information over Bluetooth with approaching buses.

  • SeeUs increases awareness and reduces stress for the driver. It makes sure that the driver is informed of waiting passengers and if boarding support is required. With this the overall travel experience is improved.

SeeUs Vehicle Unit

Changing Places – Changing Lives


Almost 1 in 5 people have a disability and ensuring we provide suitable toilet facilities are vital to help create equality in our society. Many make the conscious decision not to visit somewhere if they feel they do not have a clean, suitable environment to toilet. These include individuals with profound and multiple learning disabilities, those with cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, spina bifida, motor neurone disease, older people or those who have acquired a brain injury. These are the people who need better-equipped public toilets, and if there are no Changing Places, then their needs aren’t being met. Without these facilities people with disabilities and their families cannot take part in activities that most of us take for granted.


Changing Places Toilets are designed so that they are completely accessible and provide sufficient space and specialist equipment for people who are not able to use the toilet independently. They must be an extra facility, in addition to the accessible toilets for independent use. Standard accessible WC’s are designed for access by a standard wheelchair, but they are unlikely to provide adequate space for a powered wheelchair, or a wheelchair with additional head or leg support fittings. Standard accessible WC’s are also only designed for independent use by the individual and there is usually insufficient room to accommodate a carer /carers if the user requires assistance.

Changing Places give people with profound and multiple disabilities who are unable to use a standard WC or accessible toilet, a safe and dignified facility that provides everything they may need. Without these vital facilities, carers are forced to change loved ones on the floor or be confined to their own homes.


Changing Places facilities provide more than the standard accessible toilets. Offering more space and additional equipment ensuring there is room for a powered wheelchair or multiple carers to easily help the user. An overview of the equipment expected in these facilities include:

  • Full room covering ceiling hoist system Height adjustable adult sized changing table/bench

  • Peninsular toilet

  • Height adjustable washbasin

  • Privacy screen or curtain to allow some privacy

  • Wide tear-off paper roll to cover the bench

  • A large waste bin for disposable pads

  • Grab rails where appropriate to provide necessary support

  • Emergency alarm cord to summon help if necessary

  • A non-slip floor

  • A safe & clean environment

  • Showering facility (optional)

The Ultimate Standalone Modular Changing Places


Pre-fabricated Changing Places are delivered and lifted into position on-site as a complete unit. This minimises disruption to any existing buildings, whilst accelerating build times and improving quality control. Each unit provides 12sqm of internal floor space, a minimum internal ceiling height of 2.4m and premium equipment throughout. Additional features, such as roof lanterns and internal feature walls, are used to further enhance user experience. Aesthetics can be tailored both inside and out. The external shell can be clad in materials to compliment your existing buildings or environment, plus we provide a wide range of internal colours and finishes. All Modular Changing Places come complete, ready fitted with all the equipment required to meet Changing Places and BS8300-2:2018 standards, with a compliant layout and design, removing all the hassles from your planning: Full room covering ceiling hoist | Wall mounted changing table | Height adjustable basin | Peninsular toilet |All specified ancillary items

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  • Modular Changing Places look stunning and can be modified to fit into your environment, or can be branded to form a cohesive part of your infrastructure

  • They are quick and easy to install, with none of the mess and inconvenience involved with weeks of building works

  • Full turnkey option from design to installation

  • Rigorously tested equipment for complete peace of mind

  • Future-proof – if you ever need to relocate your business, your Modular Changing Place can travel with you

  • High-usage – in contrast to many internal adaptations, these standalone facilities are highly visible. As a result, they get used more and help to attract new customers

Astor Aquba: Height Adjustable Wall Mounted Basin

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  • Compact integrated height adjustable basin

  • Great wheelchair access

  • Perfect for under-window installations

  • Function to preset two heights

  • Load bearing hand/towel rails

  • Smooth Corian style basin finish

  • Designed and made in the UK

The Astor Aquba height adjustable basin is the smallest completely integrated unit available, making it one of the most wheelchair accessible basins, and perfect for under window installations.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, this stunning basin offers boutique design quality and would make a fine addition to any bathroom. The design was developed in conjunction with customers, and every tiny detail has been thought about and designed to make access and life just a little easier without compromising style. Details include a smooth graduated design to the front of the basin, soft actuation on the click-clack waste, and sculpted minimal casing below the basin.

Key features include the ability to preset two heights to allow dual users in the home to easily switch between their preferred basin heights. Further height adjustments can be made simply by using the up/down arrows. A lockout is available to prevent accidental movement or misuse, and the unit has an anti-trap sensor incorporated.

The Astor Aquba can be wall-mounted at any height to suit the users. 

Standard Features: Corian style basin and cover finishes | 300mm smooth height adjustment (<12 seconds) | 150kg maximum load | Integrated control panel |    2 settable height positions | Integrated load bearing rails | Click-clack soft touch waste | Lock-out functionality & anti-trap sensor | 3 Year warranty (Terms and conditions apply).

EZRide - Innovative Power Assist for Manual Wheelchairs

The EZRide+ is the newest wheelchair power assist attachment. It is a unique mobility aid that quickly adds power assistance to most manual wheelchairs, transforming them into independently driven units.  It gives wheelchair users the freedom to move about with confidence and power. The EZRide+ makes it easy to maneuver tight spaces with its 360-degree turning radius.

EZRide+ can travel approximately 19-24 km on a single charge and it takes approximately 4 hours from 0% battery to fully charged.

The EZRide+ attaches and detaches quickly, and easily giving an option to the visitors with restricted mobility to choose between manual or powered wheelchair by simply attaching or detaching the EZRide+.

The EZRIde+ is compact for storing.

EZRide+ is for indoors and outdoors use to navigate through the exhibition halls and galleries or outdoor areas.

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