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Visual Impairment

Tactile Flooring & Wayfinding

Tactile Studs and Strips are used for Guidance for Blind and Visually Impaired.


The tactile studs (warning indicators) are used at the points where direction or level changes.


The tactile strips, being linear (directional strips) on the straight and round (warning studs) at intersections, these markers let intended users sense through feet where they should walk to.


Tactile Studs and Strips can be supplied as stick on or screw on types depending on the floor surface.


Tactile studs (warning indicators) to be used at level changes such as: stairs, elevators, escalators, etc..


Navigation Application for visually impaired can further enhance wayfinding facilities and customer experience.

Tactile Wayfinding Maps for Visually Impaired

Moving independently and safely is essential for a better and full life for blind and visually impaired people.

One important way of gaining independence is undoubtedly information. Blind or visually impaired people, who have difficulty entering an unknown space, need precise and immediate information that can represent the place where they are and the services that it may offer.

Tactile maps are used to guide visually impaired and blind users in new surroundings like museums.

Tactile maps use raised points, lines, and textures to represent objects, identify rooms, and denote accessible areas.

To be installed at the entrance and on each floor of the venue.

WeWALK - Smart Cane for Visually Impaired

WeWALK is more than a product – it is the first step in a societal transformation. By empowering visually impaired people with the technology to fully participate in daily life, WeWALK fosters inclusion and equal participation in society. As WeWALK emphasizes accessibility for its users, it ensures that the product is affordable and intuitive, providing a hub for visually impaired people around the world.

WeWALK can: Detect Above-Ground Obstacles by using a front-mounted ultrasonic sensor, warning the user with vibration feedback. Be paired with the WeWALK Smartphone App using Bluetooth to access connected mobility services, including navigation, exploration, and public transport, all controlled through the WeWALK smart cane. Constantly Evolve as an open platform. New app integrations and services are constantly being added via software updates, making WeWALK an ideal personal hub for the visually impaired community.

WeWALK acts as a new handle when attached to any long cane and was designed to feel natural, allowing for normal cane usage. When walking, WeWALK vibrates to inform you of low-hanging obstacles that the bottom of a cane may typically miss, such as a sign or tree branch. Additionally, pair your cane to the WeWALK app on your iOS or Android device via Bluetooth to make use of WeWALK’s smart features.

WeWALK has been awarded an Edison Gold Medal and is one of TIME’s best inventions of 2019, appearing in more than 500 media sources, including CNN, BBC, Forbes, and El Pais. WeWALK has also received an honorable mention in World Changing Ideas, a major annual award by Fast Company that honors products, companies and designs that are pursuing innovation for the good of society.

Hotel Room Accessibility Kit


Reading & music | Phones & tablets | Note taking & embossers | Computers| Batteries

Connect with the people and content that matter most to you with the widest range of accessible technology. Discover the audio, magnification and braille tools that enable blind and partially sighted people to work, learn and relax.

Whether you want to make a video call to mum, download an audio book or deliver that big presentation, our technology helps make it happen.


Optical Magnifiers | Electronic Magnifiers | Computer Magnification | Mirrors and Lights

Before buying a magnifier it’s important to know the magnification strength you require and what you’ll be using it for. For example, a pocket magnifier is ideal for spot reading labels and price tags, whereas a stand magnifier is suitable for longer periods of reading. When using a traditional, non-electronic handheld optical magnifier the lens should be held close to the eye and the object should be brought into focus by moving it towards the lens.


Reading Devices | Audio Books | Braille Books & Magazines

Whether you're reading for pleasure or studying, there's something for you in our range of audiobooks, DAISY players and accessible learning resources. There are more than 100 books available to buy on DAISY CD, with more being added all the time - and if you haven't yet discovered DAISY, choose from a range of players to enjoy the best audio reading experience around. Help is at hand in the classroom with our learning tools, from talking calculators to writing frames, with resources for younger braille learners and creative little hands!

Home & Leisure

Sewing and DIY | Puzzles | Board, Card games | Sports | Canes & Adaptive mobility devices | Large Print Stationery | Braille & Tactile Stationery

If you’re looking for practical ideas to keep on track with a busy schedule, our range of large print stationery and talking, easy-to-see and tactile watches might be the answer. When it’s time to unwind, relax with a good talking book or tune into your favorite radio station, tackle a large print crossword puzzle, bake a delicious cake or play a game with your friends and family. Take care of yourself at home and on the move with our health and mobility solutions.     

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